How to create an entertainment area?

Create an entertainment area:

  1. Open Hue Essentials
  2. Go to the Entertainment tab at the bottom (game controller icon)
  3. Tap Sync
  4. Tap the + button to add an entertainment area
  5. If you have Philips Hue lights, select Philips Hue
  6. Tap Lights ands select the lights you wish to use. Then go back again and you will see a virtual room.
  7. Move the lights to the correct Location in your room. For example, lights in your room which are on the left of your TV need to be placed on the left of your TV.
  8. Set the correct height for your lights by tapping Height, and then moving the light to the desired height.
  9. Now tap Save and your entertainment area is ready. Select the entertainment area to use it.

By placing your lights around the virtual TV you can see how Sync will match the colours of the screen.

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