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HELP 3x Hue gradient lightstrips 2meter each cant be found by the bridge

I am new here and need help
I bought a strarter Kit with Hue bridge 3 colour lamps and the dimmer.
I bought also at the same time 3x gradient strips each 2M

The bridge found all of them and all worked fine
Since we bought a wrong starter kit (with an old dimmer (narrow)) we exchanged the set incl the bridge and 3 colour lamps
We got new starter kit with new bridge and 3 colour lamps
Now the new bridge found only the new colour lamps - the 3 gradient strips cannot be found by the bridge doenst matter how may time i try :frowning:
I think the still remember the old bridge and block the connection to the new one?
What now- the strips were very expensive /per Meter i cannot acceppt something like this since the are simly useless @the moment. Any ideas how to bring them to connect to the new bridge?

Brgds from Germany

You need to use the serial number method to connect them. See the following: How to connect Philips Hue lights to a Philips Hue bridge?