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Getting a "Could not run toggle group" "An unknown error occured" when trying to create a shortcut


Just downloaded the app and connected it to my hue bridge. I’m wanting to setup some shortcuts on my iPhone 11 Pro Max so I can have some widgets on my home screen. When creating a toggle group and naming it, I’m able to get it setup fine with no issues. I “Toggle” my room name “Codys Room”. But when I click on the play button to test it, I keep getting “An unknown error occurred”. Would anyone be able to help me with this? Maybe I’m missing another step to have this setup properly on my phone?


Hi Cody, thank you for the feedback.

Could it be that you do not have the Premium version of the app? Siri Shortcuts require the premium version, it should show that in the error message but maybe that doesn’t happen in your case.

If you do have the premium upgrade, let me know and I will investigate further.

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