Friends of hue switch config is broken since last update

Hi, since last update it is not possible to configure a friends of hue switch. just very basic config works still. following does not work any more:

  • when press: add a second action (sensor off) after scene selection
  • dimm up or down , start dimm when hold and stop dimm when release

after save just red markers are shown.

the other switch i had configured before the update shows the above similar setting correctly. seems to be that the failure happens during write.

android 13, galaxy s20, newer sqare shaped hue bridge, feller smart switch


update to 1.31.5 did not solve the problem

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Hi I can confirm this, I’m running into the same problem… It happens both on iOS and on android with the latest updates.

I add something related to dimming for example and suddenly the two or three appointed actions turn into like a list (of like 10) unknown actions that all show a red :warning: triangle before, and then it just says:

:warning: Press - Unknown
:warning: Press - Unknown
:warning: Press - Unknown
:warning: Release (Press) - Unknown
:warning: Release (Press) - Unknown

And so forth. This way I’m unable to identify which action is which, and even if I could the actions can’t be changed because it just shows ‘‘unknown’’ without options or drop-down menus.

I delete everything and try again but at the end it glitches again into this faulty state.

EDIT: Also realised this happens in the mac app as well.

update to 1.32.1 did not solve it

Same here.
Happens on iPhone, iPad mini and android (Samsung A50)
This also happens with motion sensors. Especially with multiple rules I need for my livingroom.

Is there anything news about this problem?

Same issue here. Any possible solution?

Same issue here. I actually created a thread regarding the same issue here few weeks ago: