Multiple (>2 pcs) Release (Press) automations not possible (with ABB Friends of Hue Switch on Philips Hue)

Hi, I don’t know if this is a bug or a HW/SW limitation, but I can’t create more than two actions for “Release (Press)”. It’s only possible to define automations for “1st press” and “2nd press”. If I try to add “3rd press”, all the previous automations will go “Unknown” and create multiple additional “Unknown” automations with “Unknown” triggers and actions.

It happens with the “Release (Press)”, but not with “Press”
For example I can start with a blank button and go straight ahead to create “9th press” action for “Press”. It will then populate 1st-8th actions as “empty actions”, and only the 9th press would have a function. But if I try to create “9th press” for “Release (Press)”, I’m getting just a huge list of Unknown automations with several unknown triggers. It kind of goes broken. If I open those broken automations, all the “1st press”, “2nd press” etc. events have been changed to “Always”. Things fall apart at the “3rd press”

I’m on IOS app, version 2.0.1
My Hue Bridge has FW 1.55.1955082050
My switch shows as “FOHSWITCH”


I have the exact same problem! Is there any update about this issue yet?