Effects cant‘t be saved on emulated hue bridge, and saving effects on device doesn‘t expose them to siri shortcuts

I’ve recently been moving from HomeKit to HomeAssistant, this includes getting rid of all zigbee hubs of different brands and consolidating all zigbee devices with the help of Zigbee2Mqtt.

I‘d like to keep using Hue Essentials, because its a great app, its simple to use, adds a lot of functionality and quite frankly i already bought the in app purchases (i encourage you to do so too btw, it‘s a great way to support the developer and get additional functionality).

Unfortunately effects can‘t be saved on the emulated hue bridge (attempting to do so returns an error message every time „ERROR Unexpected response from bridge Please try again later. 404 - /sensors - unknown request“ and from what i found on github, it looks like the developer of emulated hue has been working on implementing this functionality for at least a year now, but it can’t be done as of the time of writing), which is a bummer.

Next I tried saving the Hue Essentials effects locally on device, but in doing so said effects are not exposed to siri shortcuts, as already mentioned in this similar issue.

Is the inability to use locally (on device) saved effects in siri shortcuts a bug? If not, could that ability please be added?

Is there something that could be done to make it easier for the emulated hue project to save Hue Essentials effects on the bridge? Doing so would also fix this issue here.