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BT effects Siri Shortcuts, & options for brightness

I purchased the app so I could use Siri Shortcuts. No effects were listed in Shortcuts so I purchased one in app for my Bluetooth lightbulb. The effect did seem to work from inside the app. However, Shortcuts doesn’t see the effect saved inside the app. Is it possible to address this? Right now all I can do from Shortcuts is turn the light on or off. It would also be nice to be able to set the brightness from shortcuts.

Hi all,

I can confirm the issue:

  • Effects are added to “MyEffects” and stored on the iOS device (using a deCONZ gateway, hence no effects on the bridge)
  • In the shortcuts app, the “Start Effect” action is available and groups can be selected.
  • However, none of the groups’ effects are found.

Some more context:

  • If we get the on-device effects to work with siri shortcuts, this would be a major workaround. Currently, afaik, automations such as an animation at a given time are not possible with a deCONZ gateway.
  • However, Hue essentials could start the on-device effects triggered by an automation through siri shortcuts.

Hope this helps!