"Do not disturb" routine for Hue motion sensors

First of all, a happy new year to everyone.
In the Phillips Hue app, I can create one or more do not disturb routines through Hue Labs.
Is that also possible in Hue Essentials?
And how do you go about realizing that?
Since I like Hue Essentials, I want to remove all settings in the Phillips Hue app.
Thanks in advance for the response(s).

Yes, this is possible. Apologies for the delay. What you need to do is add a condition that your group must be off. Similar to the “Do not disturb my scene Formula” in Hue Labs, this will prevent your motion sensor from activating if the lights are already on. Make sure to add this to all your automations with the Motion event only.

For more details on the motion sensor setup see: Set up motion sensor with different actions depending on time/day

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you verry much.