Connection from away-How to change back?

I have the “on road” (unterwegs) option activated, so that I can control lights and sensors when not at home.
2 questions:

  1. often the state of lamps and motions sensors is definetely not correct. For example lamps are shown as active and last motion of sensors is just minutes away althought being not home for hours.

  2. Hot to connect to “local network” when arriving at home? Been here for hours in own Wifi and can’t connect to hue bridge because hue essentials tell me that I’m “on road”.


We would love to improve this but we are very limited by Philips Hue what we can do when connected remotely. We will try to improve this in the future.

Hue Essentials should automatically detect that you are home again. If that does not work, please restart the app or toggle your WiFi on and off. If this keeps happening, please let me know. In that case, please also share your crash identifier: Crash identifier

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