Automations not loading on iOS

Since the update last night, none of my automations are editable anymore. The app just keeps on loading the settings, but nothing more happens. It happens to all types of automations (buttons, sensors etc)
I’ve tried to reinstall the app with no avail.

Please see the attached screen-recording: iCloud

Anyone else with that problem?

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The same problem on my iOS device.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Can you please share your crash identifier? Crash identifier. And thanks for the screen recording, that’s really helpful!

I’m the one thanking you. And just to clarify: It’s also in an endless loading loop on the Automation-tab at the bottom.

ID: FEBF1CEB-128E-4378-9031-E160C0FA9640

Thanks Mattias for the crash identifier. I can see the crash details and was able to fix the bug in the app. I will try to submit the update today, and hopefully Apple will review it within a few days.

Great news - looking forward to the fix. And thank you for a great app :wave:t2:

Fix is available in Hue Essentials 2.4.0. You can get the update earlier by opening the store page for Hue Essentials on your phone, then you should be able to update it.

Great, Thomas. Everything works as expected again :ok_hand:t2: