App crashes when trying to connect to Deconz gateway

I have Hue Essentials 1.8.2 on iOS 14.2 and when I try to connect to my Deconz gateway (SW version 2.05.86), the app crashes immediately… it did work until beginning of this year…
Any idea what I could do to be able to control my lights again?



I am sorry to hear about this. What I think is happening is that the deCONZ response is invalid which causes Hue Essentials to crash on app start. Would it be possible for you to share your bridge config?

You can do this by sending a HTTP GET request to the following URL:

Where deconzip is the IP address of your deCONZ gateway and username is key you generated using the API. Please send the response to and I will look into it. If it is indeed an incorrect value it should be easy to fix.

If you need more detailed instructions please let me know.

Hi Thomas,

I’m not even getting far enough to be able to see the API key…
The app crashes immediately after I click on the name of the gateway.