Android TV app does not connect to my bridge

Just purchased this app to use sync on Nvidia shield and it won’t connect bridge,can’t update app to 1.7.3 on shields play store because it’s only version 1.14.6. On this app there is a picture of a shield that says sync.false advertising if it doesn’t work

updated to newest verson a few weeks ago from google play store on nvidia shield. everything worked until recently. app up to date. bridge up to date. no longer finds bridge. where is the fix or i will be contacting google for a refund for app that doesn’t work as sold anymore given no update or support.

Hello, thanks for the feedback. Could you let me know if you get any errors? Does Hue Essentials show your bridge? Would it be possible for you to share a screenshot of what is not working correctly?

The app should work on an NVIDIA Shield as we tested this Android TV.

Hue Essentials 1.14.6 is currently the latest version for Android TV.

If you would like a refund, please see the following for details: All about orders and refunds

Were you able to get your bridge connected?