Amazon Fire HD8 plus crashes when pairing Trådfri gateway

i’m using Hue Essentials on a Lenovo M10 to control an original HUE and a Tradfri Bridge, no problems so far.

but when it comes to the Amazon Fire HD8 plus (afaik latest modell with internal QI wireless charging capabilities) the app crashes while trying to pair the Tradfri Bridge.
i’m able to start the pairing until i have to enter the serial number. Even if i want to type it in manually, the camera app opens for scanning and a fraction of a seconds later both apps (cam/scan and Hue Essentials) crash/stop (vanish, i’m back to Android home screen)

any ideas what happens and how to avoid this? I really would like to use the HD8 with both bridges to be able to control both types (no discusion about the why, there are reasons, that should be enough).

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Thanks for the details. Could you please share your crash identifier? See: Crash identifier


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I looked into your crash and noticed that the crash happens when the camera prepares to read the QR code of the Trådfri Gateway. The reason is that this requires a Google specific library which is not available on the Amazon devices.

What I can do is include this part within the app on the Amazon release of Hue Essentials. If you are installing the Google release of Hue Essentials on an Amazon device (your case), then the camera option will be skipped and you will need to enter the code manually. Both options will become available in a future update.

Great! I`m looking forward to it! Btw. I just saw an update from the 28th and that doesn’t find the Tradfri bridge by itself anymore. I can type in the IP and it shows the “type code button” but it crashes before I can hit it…

the latest update fixed the problem for me, THANKS!

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Great to hear, thanks for letting me know.