Your prices and test time are pure insanity, what were you thinking?

30 seconds to test functions that I can get in way better quality for free and than trying to axtually charge me those ridiculous prices?
You need mental help if you think this is in any way a fair pricing and testing period method, this is insultingly terrible. It’s not even remotely good compared to completely free alternatives, why would anyone ever pay for this crap?

I only used the app for the basic functionality before bjt after seeing the abomination that is the entertainment area and the pricing I’ll delete this app immediately, what’s wrong with you dude, seriously.

5.99 € for the Premium version is ridiculous?

Come on, keep your feet on the ground, please.

Your way of communicating definitely has room for improvement.


Boooo, bro. Very rude and not helping to persuade anyone or offer any constructive criticism. This is not the way.


Incredibly rude and unwarranted. If you have a legitimate criticism, there’s a way to put it across without coming across as completely obnoxious.

Besides, from what you’re describing, it sounds unwarranted. “way better quality for free” - the vast majority of the content in this app is free anyway.

“You need mental help” - not cool man, not cool at all. I’m sure this was just a flippant remark, but mental health is no joke. I’m a doctor and I see my fair share of mental health issues. To tell an app developer that they need “mental help” because of what you feel is an issue with pricing is utterly ridiculous, insensitive, and undermines people with real mental health illnesses.

“why would anyone pay for this crap” - I’d imagine that the vast majority of people on this community forum don’t feel it’s crap. A lot of us have paid for it, £5.99 is not much at all, especially when it comes to supporting the developer.

Overall, 2/10 for being a troll.

@Thomas , ignore people like this and keep up the good work. Many thousands of us (going by the Play Store numbers) appreciate your hard work and will continue to support it.


Well said! @sunnybacon I always get frustrated when people throw mental health conditions around as a slur, it’s abusive, and it ridicules those who who have no choice but to live with, or through it. Thank you for speaking up!