Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Pressure sensor


I love the app. The only thing it’s lacking for me is the support for the Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity and Pressure sensor. Is there any chance to get support for it? I’d be willing to support with a free sample for development purposes or any other information required.


Manual is available here: http://files.xiaomi-mi.com/files/aqara/Temperature_and_Humidity_Sensor_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf

We have ordered many Xiaomi and Aqara sensors since February including this one. Most items have come in by now. We will bring support for these on the deCONZ platform. Expected April / May 2020.


Yes, very soon! Expected preview release within hours or later depending on approval Google / Apple.

Requires Hue Essentials 1.11.0 for Android or release 1.5.0 for iOS. Join our Android Beta or iOS TestFlight programs for early access.

Good Work - with the new Beta the aqara temperarure sensor works for me now.

ToDo: Temperature of the motion-sensor

Are you talking about the Philips Hue motion sensor? Have you tried the three dots on that motion sensor? Then you can see option of temperature.

No, sorry - I’m talking abaut the “Aqara RTCGQ11LM”
but that’s maybe a diffrent story :wink:

OK, understood! We will look into it.

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The sensor is working flawlessly for me, too. Great work, thanks!

I bought the Automation/Tasker plugin now, because I thought I could use the measurements there for something like:

  • Show notification if humidity > 70% or
  • Show notification if window is open and phone not in WiFi.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to access the measurement via Tasker and only make “actions” (not sure I translated this correctly).

Is it planned to supoort such use cases or have I missed something?

Little Feedback:
I’m actually on 1.11.1 (Schnapszahl)
But no temperatur of the (aqara) Motion Sensor

We are evaluating whether and under what conditions we will implement the temperature of this device. It seems that the measurement is not very precise. Can you check if your temperature is correct in the Phoscon app? Some recommended to only use it for day / night differences. We may implement it but for instance under a setting for manual activation.

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Hi Robert,

Screenshot Phoscon-GW

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Screenshot iobroker:

Values are actually Form “2020-06-07T18:04:13.000Z” - timestamp and value ist plausible

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Ok, thanks for the feedback Frank. Temperature levels of all Aqara sensors will be added in the next update.

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THX - this was really quick…!

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Hello, I just bought an Aqara temperature monitor and thought that support for this device will work out of box with a Philips Hue bridge (based on the voted-up comment). But I cannot add the sensor to the app, the sensor does not get discovered. So I read the entire discussion and it seems that I need a deconz/conbee platform set up. I can buy a Conbee device and install deconz, however if I understand correctly, I would lose the possibility to control my home remotely even with hue essentials app. Am I right?

Hey Pavel,

Conbee/Deconz works fine with hue-essentials but Alexa did not recognize these sensors. Alexa , what is the temperature will not Work (@ least not 4 me).

Cheers Frank

I just bought the app and I would like start using Aqara temperatur sensor att Homer with me Philips Hue bridge.
Is this possible? Have People got it working?

The Aqara sensors work in Hue Essentials with the deCONZ gateway. They are incompatible with a Philips Hue bridge.

See: How can I control my lights while away from home? - #3 by Thomas