Wrong colors when activating scenes

I am testing your nice app before buying the full version. When playing with the scenes, I maybe found a bug. Using two LivingColors Gen2 and two Paulmann 500.47.

  1. Setting all 4 lights to cyan color and saving scene (current light state)
  2. Setting all 4 lights to red color: working fine
  3. Activating the scene: LivingColors shining cyan, but Paulmann remain red

Is this a problem of the Paulmann devices?
Thanks and regards,

Hi, some third party lights have this issue unfortunately.

The reason behind this is because some third party lights do not accept multiple commands simultaneously. A Hue scene sends commands for brightness and colour, so the light will only apply one of them (only brightness in your case).

Unfortunately there is not much I can do about this as these lights are just not completely compatibility with a Hue bridge. If I find a workaround I will try to improve this in Hue Essentials.

Thanks for your reply! In the meantime, I found out that it is a problem with the scenes, not with the app. The test scenes are visible in the original Hue app and do not work there, either. However, scenes created in Hue do work fine, even if called in the Essentials app.