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Won't connect to home network

No matter what am doing I can’t connect to my home network at all. The IP is the same and the network connection to both my phone and hub is the same.

  1. Tried reserving ip for the bridge
  2. Using routers Guest wifi
  3. Reset bridge to factory settings
  4. Disconnecting bridge multiple times for longer than 1h
  5. Reset router to factory settings
  6. Uninstall hue bridge app and clear cache data
  7. Using 3rd party apps like hue essentials and trying to connect with ip.
  8. Restarted my phone (Samsung note 10+) where the app is installed
    I have a Ubiquiti Unifi Network if that have something to say. All the lights are always solid blue on the bridge. I have no idea what to do next.

When I managed to connect the hub to the network it was connected for a maximum of 20 sec before it was a endless loop of disconnect to home network. I restarted the phone and connected to the network and managed to connect the bridge to Away from home, but now I can’t do anything locally, basically the same as before I connected it to the Away from home function. Since the bridge was always disconnected. Please help me, I am about to throw the hue bridge in the floor and get something that works if I don’t get help!

  • have the same problem. Why hasn’t anyone responded to you with a solution? I notice there are a lot of people on the internet with the same problem.*

I wish I knew…, still haven’t solved that exact problem. But what I rather did was to install Home Assistant on a raspberry pi and managed to solve the problem. It works way better then what Philips Hue ever will and is compatible with way more. I thought it would be difficult to setup, but I have saved so much more time than if I where to setup anything from Hue. I really recommend Home Assistant to anyone, the community is so awesome and so friendly. I will never go back to pure/fanboy Philips ever again. They had me for a while but after a few attempts of trying to solve the unsolvable I gave up with Philips. I wish I could say I recommended them over anyone else, but I would be telling a lie. Good luck my friend and everyone seeing this post in the future