Widgets freezing or "loading"

Hi there,

Im new to hue essentials and first of all what a well designed app.

I specifically got the app for the widgets because about 2 years ago the official hue app absolutely butchered theirs.

I have been using the 4x2 widget and it works perfectly all day. Then when i go to sleep, put my phone on charge and wake up, the widget is basically frozen and does not respond. None of the rooms load up and the knly way to fix it is to re add the widget again.

I have tried all the usual stuff including removing any battery optimisation and this is the only widget that gets impacted.

Im on an S22 ultra with all the latest software updates. Is there any kind of fix coming for this?


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I have the exact same issue on a Galaxy s20.

Same issue here on Google Pixel 4 XL with Android 13.

The problem has been haunting me since Android 11. It would be nice if there was finally a solution for this.