Widget - This bridge is not available

Hello everyone!

When I create a shortcut and add it as a widget, I get the message: this bridge is not available.
I used 2 bridges some weeks ago, but now only one. I deleted the old bridge in the App (devices). Obviously the widget/shortcut tries to connect to the old bridge.
What can I do?

What you could do is remove the widget from your home screen and configure it again. If you are using iOS, open the Hue Essentials app, to to the settings tab, and configure your widget there.

Hi Thomas.

I have a similar problem.
I’ve recently switched from a hue bridge to a deCONZ solution.

I’m experiencing the same error message as the OP when tapping the widget buttons on my iOS device.

Is there a cache file somewhere that needs to be flushed?

Please reconfigure your widget in Hue Essentials under settings.