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Widget doesn't work anymore

Hi there,

after the last update to version 1.23.0 (Beta) the 4x2 widget stopped to work.

If I want to turn lights on / off or to change a scene, nothing at all happens.

Furthermore, the arrows in the actually blue circles in the upper right corner disappeared:

I already tried to restart my phone and to remove the widget and to add it back, but also this unfortunately without any success.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for fixing this issue.


After the last update to 1.23.1 (beta) the widget works again, but the circles in the upper right corner stil stay white & don’t show any arrows.

Thanks for the feedback, Chipy. In version 1.23.1 I fixed the buttons that were not working, as you already noticed.

I will look into the arrows and update the app with a fix soon.

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Thanks for your reply & fixing the buttons already, Thomas!
Looking forward to have my beloved circled arrows back again. :sweat_smile::smirk:

The arrow button colour issue will be fixed in version 1.24.0 which should be available within a few days (beta testers first).

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Thanks, Thomas!
This are great news.

Luckily, I’m on beta. :sweat_smile:

Regards & thanks for the great job you’re doing.