When triggering custom effect from while lights are off, they first flash the last state


The title essentially summarizes my issue. I’m trying to create a custom “sunrise” effect, using Ikea Tradfri, triggered from my Samsung A52s phone (using OneOS 5, which is an android 13 skin).

When triggered, the effect is meant to go through a sequence of frames where I slowly change the colour from red to orange to white, simultaneously increasing the brightness. While the sequence is programmed as intended, when triggered, the lights first flash in the last state they were in, before they were turned off. So if I turned off my lights at full brightness, my sunrise effect first flashbangs me, before going through the correct sequence.

In the effects panel, I’ve tried playing with “set initial brightness”, but this does not seem to work. In contrast to an effect, scenes can be triggered (from lights off) without the lights first jumping to their last state - so I do not think this is an inherent limitation of the Tradfri system.

I believe this is a bug. If this in fact an error on my part, I would appreciate it if someone could explain how I achieve the desired result.

Best wishes,