Use light sensor of hue motion sensor to wait for light

I would like to use the motion sensors of the hue system in a very slightly different way.
I would like to use the build in light sensor to activate the lights when light hits it. So the other way around as it does normally.

When light hits it (light is above a certain value):
Turn ON the lights or change scene

When in the dark (light is under a certain value):
Turn OFF the lights immediately or with a set delay
Or go back to previous settings

In this way you could use de sensor in dark rooms behind doors. For example a pantry, drawer or wardrobe.

I have wardrobe in my bedroom. I would like the lights above to turn on when I open the door. Also with different levels of brightness (or different scenes) depending on the time of day.
Since the lights are on the outside of the wardrobe, they need to turn off immediately upon closing the doors, to prevent them waking up other people in the room.