Update scene & copy light settings & switch settings

I have three feature requests :slight_smile:

  1. Updating an existing scene, now it is only possible to create a new scene to have a light set differently, this also mean updating switches and schedules.

  2. Copy light settings to a different light, now it is quite hard to match exact color/brightness settings of a light

  3. Copying settings of friends of hue switches. When you have many switches it is quite time consuming to setup the switches, it would be very helpful to copy the settings of an other switch and only make small adjustments.


Hello, thanks for the details, your feature requests look interesting.

  1. You should be able to edit a scene. On Android tap the three dots, and tap Edit. On iOS long press the scene, and tap Edit. Is that what you are looking for?

  2. It is on the wish list for future development.

  3. Also on the wish list.

  1. Scene edit is working but i can’t change colors when all lights of a group have the same color. Is it possible to add a tab or button to get a color circle for each light of the group?

The adjusting isn’t really strait forward. More easy version would be to adjust the lights in the normal UI, click the 3 dots of a scene and press “update scene with current lights status or something”


I would jump on this feature request. Editing existing scenes is a pain in the a*. :smile:

I always create just new ones based on the current scene settings.

Further copying setting among switches would be helpful too.

I have 3 dimmer switches which each 10 different switching behaviours that are almost identical across switches.

I’m constantly updating and adjusting scenes so that everything matches better our needs. Would be nice to make this process more easy

Just a quick remark on this:
I am also extremely looking forward to a feature to update the scene with the current status.
I use DeConz in my smart home and have linked all the scenes to buttons.
Whenever I have to update a scene currently, I have to change all the linking in my iobroker. It’s a insane pain right now.

Would be willing to pay for this feature, just please integrate it.
Do you have an ETA maybe?

Any chance that there will be a working way to update scenes within the app?

Unbelievable that this isn’t supported. We’d setup everything as a single room thinking we could edit things later. BIG MISTAKE - lots of wasted time… Very disappointing from such an expensive product.

@Thomas Any change there will come a good way to update scenes?

Removing a scene from a switch, then remove the scene it self, create a new scene, update the switch is quite a hassle for what should be a strait forward job.