Unreachable bulbs, but they still power on/off

I have a HUE Hub, with 45 Livarno Lux GU10’s and a couple of light strips, plus a couple of Hue bulbs. I also have Ikea switches in each room for manual control (paired via Touchlink on Hue Essentials).

Largely the setup works well. But I have two problems. Firstly pairing the Ikea switches is a PITA. Searching for lights often grabs all the bulbs back, or knocks off one of the Ikea Dimmers. So I’m always reluctant to do that, as it’s a case of two steps forward, one step back getting the dimmers working again.

After lots of repetition I’ve finally got all the dimmers paired, but recently I added a Livarno Lux light strip. And now 4 bulbs have started to show as unreachable in Hue App and Hue Essentials App.

They will still switch on/off via the App if I switch the entire room. But they won’t respond if I try to switch on/off the individual bulb. Also scenes wont’ work. So they are stuck at whatever setting they are currently on.

I dont think its a case of distance from the Hub, as neighbouring bulbs all work. For example in one room there are 18, only 2 report unreachable, but the bulbs 1m either side work fine.

I’m reluctant to search for bulbs again, because of the aforementioned issue with the Ikea dimmers dropping off. And it’s a right pain getting them all working again. Can anyone please help.

Well I bit the bullet and did a search for lights. They are now working and no longer showing as unreachable. Plus none of the dimmers stopped working :relieved: