Unable to connect RODRET Ikea's Wireless dimmer

I have tried to connect the “new” RODRET Ikea’s Wireless dimmer to the Philips Hue hub.

I’m able to connect the dimmer to the Hue hub via Hue Essentials - Or it’s looks like it is connecting.
After adding the dimmer to the Hue hub I’m also able to connect the dimmer to a bulb. The Ikea bulb was first reset and turned off.
After turning on the bulb and connecting the Dimmer I used the “SEARCH FOR LIGHT” in Hue Essentials app and the bulb was found BUT then the Dimmer was not working.
It look like the Dimmer is “disconnected” when the bulb is found be the Hue Essentials app.

After several trials I also tried with an “old” E1810 model Trådfri Remote (Round Multi function remote) and it worked perfectly - Dimmable via App and “old” Dimmer.

Any good ideas? - Anyone :wink:

Did you ever get this to work?? I am having the same issue, I can add the dimmer and control the bulb but when I add it to the Philips app the dimmer no longer works??? Seems to be one or the other.

Any help would be gratefully received.