Unable to connect RODRET Ikea's Wireless dimmer

I have tried to connect the “new” RODRET Ikea’s Wireless dimmer to the Philips Hue hub.

I’m able to connect the dimmer to the Hue hub via Hue Essentials - Or it’s looks like it is connecting.
After adding the dimmer to the Hue hub I’m also able to connect the dimmer to a bulb. The Ikea bulb was first reset and turned off.
After turning on the bulb and connecting the Dimmer I used the “SEARCH FOR LIGHT” in Hue Essentials app and the bulb was found BUT then the Dimmer was not working.
It look like the Dimmer is “disconnected” when the bulb is found be the Hue Essentials app.

After several trials I also tried with an “old” E1810 model Trådfri Remote (Round Multi function remote) and it worked perfectly - Dimmable via App and “old” Dimmer.

Any good ideas? - Anyone :wink:

Did you ever get this to work?? I am having the same issue, I can add the dimmer and control the bulb but when I add it to the Philips app the dimmer no longer works??? Seems to be one or the other.

Any help would be gratefully received.

So as I understand it (and as I got it to work after a couple of hours of tentatives) :

  1. the light can and should be already paired with the switch. I had it off both at software level via app, and powered off via electric switch before continuing.
  2. click 4 times the button, then wait 10 seconds even though it seems ready and pulsating much earlier.
  3. this is the tricky bit: press and hold the button while close to the bridge, if the red led goes immediately off, that’s not right, so you should do step 2 again. If the led keeps pulsating, press touchlink on the app within like 1 second, wait for the led to go off, then wait a few more seconds for it to start pulsating again, and only then you can release.

If this went right now both light and button are on the bridge.

  1. turn on power to your light, but have it off via the app.
  2. press and hold the button while close to the light until the light flashes, then stops flashing, then your button led pulsates red, only then you may release the button.

Now the light should work both via app and via button, or at least so does mine.

My setup:
Hue ambiance lightbulb
Ikea Rodret button / dimmer (using the word button to avoid confusion with the hardware switch that cuts electric power to the bulb)

Great !!,
That realy helped me,
thanks a lot for al the “fiddling” ánd for sharing.

I used: Ikea trådfree bulb & Rodret “button”/dimmer-switch so did (needed?)
some extra steps, as below. But it’s basically the same routine.

So what I did
step1: pair Rodret to Ikea bulb, by using Rodret “reset”-button
step2: pair Ikea-bulb to HUE-hub so the bulb shows up in HUE-app ánd homekit (needed hue-essentials → touchlink for that, because it’s ikea-bulb)
(Rodret was disconnected from lichtbulb after this)
step3: power off bulb in (hue-/homekit-) app first, than also through electric-switch.
step 4 & 5: connect Rodret to Hue-Hub as you describe in step 2 & 3

With this I noticed: pushing the center-button on the Hue-hub just before the end of the 10 sec. wait, and only then press the touchlink-button helps with the pairing. (Also the blue light on the Hub flashes a few times when the pairing succeeds.)

step6: (as your step 4) turn on electric switch, (light turns on) and power off (!) the bulb through the app.
step7: (as your step5) pair Rodret and bulb again by press & holding reset button close to bulb until this flashes and turns on, then released it.

I got Ikea bulb responding to Rodret ánd to app (HUE/Homekit) this way.

Good luck

Brilliant to know that ikea lights also work!
I am not having luck with pairing the button to an osram zigbee bulb that works through the app so far. I’ll try to see if your extra steps help!