Unable to connect Hue Bluetooth bulb on Wear OS

I use Hue essentials without any problem on my Android phone.
But when i try to connect to the bulb with the WearOS app, it never detects the bulb.
Of course, i tried switching the bulb off, wait for 15 seconds then switching it on.
I also tried to reinstall the WearOS app, but none of that seems to work.

I’a using Wear OS 2.23 and a LTE002 Hue BT lightbulb.

Does someone knows any solution ?

(Unfortunately, i cannot use a Bridge here, due to the company Wi-Fi configuration)

Regards, David.

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Thanks for the feedback. Did you remove the bulb from power? What type of watch are you using? Could you try to restart your watch?

thanks for the answer.
Of course i removed the bub from the power 15 seconds, and did it several times. I tried to restart the watch many times, that does not seem to help.
I’m using a TicWatch Pro 3 GPS.
The thing is that i can perfectly see the bulb in the available bluetooth devices on my watch, but for some strange reasons, the app cannot find it.

Thanks again for your help.


Any solution to this yet? I have exactly the same issue.
App on watch, goes thru the linking process, I choose Philips Hue Bluetooth; purple screen for variable length of time but otherwise zippo.

Tried several combinations of turning light on & off, uninstalling/re-installing app, restarting watch…

In the watch’s bluetooth settings, I can see it finds the bulb

Huawei Watch 2

No, no solution yet for me.

Eventually managed to get it to work just by being obstinate.
Bluetooth off & on…
Check finding the bulb…
Try connecting…
Start again… :sweat:

Even now, app still restarts itself half the time :cry:

Definitely needs work, hopefully ready by the time we can have a tile :pray:

There are some improvements for Hue Bluetooth lights on Wear OS in version 1.23.0 which should be available soon.