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Unable to add two deCONZ-Bridges simultaneously

In my Network I have three bridges: 1 Hue bridge and 2 deCONZ ConBeeII on different RPI hosts. The first ConBeeII is running on host, the second one on

I can easily add the HUE and one of my ConBee in Hue Essentials, but when I add the other ConBee, the first one disappears (is beeing deconnected) and vice versa.

Is it forbidden to add two Bridges of the same type or is this a bug?

Does anybody have a successfully running connection with two deCONZ gateways?

Hello, using two deCONZ bridges is supported and should work fine. Could it be that both of your deCONZ setups have the same bridge ID (mac address)? If that is the case, then that is probably the issue as Hue Essentials uses the bridge ID to identify bridges.

You can go to the following URLs (replace with your IP addresses) to see some details:

The value X in "bridgeid":"X" must be different on the two bridges.