Two motion sensors controlling one room

I have a very long corridor and at each end there is a motion sensor that controls the lights in the corridor. Firstly, I know there is a formula in Hue Labs called “Sensor Couple”, but unfortunately, it’s limited to only 3 time periods and the selection of scenes is not done well within the original Hue app. Secondly, when searching for combining two motion sensors, I stumbled across iConnectHue (COMBINING MOTION SENSORS How do I combine two Philips Hue motion sensors for one area? | iConnectHue). Unfortunately, I don’t have an Apple Device, so I was wondering if Hue Essentials can do the same. I have got the motion sensors working separately but not acting as one. Especially when the light was triggered on one sensor and the other is being used to extend the period of the lights being turned on. I would be pleased to get some help from you guys.