Two bridges and apple HomeKit

Ha all,

I have two bridges (lets call them A and B). Half the rooms are on one bridge and the rest of the rooms on the other bridge. Both of them are connected to apple HomeKit. In the Philips Hue app, I synced all information between the bridges and homekit. But as the rooms sync both ways, both bridges now have all rooms. So on bridge A, I see the A rooms with lights and the B rooms without lights. For me, this is not a real problem.

But when I start to use Hue Essentials with two bridges, all rooms show up twice in my list. I can make a favorite list with all rooms once, but I am already using that feature for something else.

What would be the right solution? Should I configure HomeKit differently? Or could Hue Essentials detect two rooms with the same name and show the rooms only once?

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