Troubles with Tradfri remote control with Hue White ambiance and with Gunnarp

Hi all,
I have a Hue bridge and a set of Hue white ambiance bulbs and they work great together.
Since short also have a ceiling lamp Gunnarp from Ikea in the bathroom controlled by a Ikea tradfri remote control allowing me to change intensity but also to switch from warm to cold light.

I successfully add the Gunnarp lamp to the hue bridge using touch link from Hue essential app, allowing me to control the gunnarp also with google home & Siri.

Then I successfully connected the tradfri ikea dimmer again to the gunnarp lamp (after having succesfully added the tradfri remote control also to the hue bridge with touch link) but I discovered that the tradfri dimmer only could dim intensity but not changing anymore from cold to warm or viceversa.

I’ve reset the tradfri remote control and tried again several time with same result.
Then I tried to link the Hue dimmer switch to the ikea gunnarp lamp with perfect result: color and intensity changeable.

Anyone know why and eventually how to fix this?

Then I tried to link the same Tradfri remote control to the hue white ambiance bulbs which I have in 3 different rooms and with all I could dim the lamps but not changing anymore color temperature.

Does anyone know if a Ikea Tradfri remote control can successfully also being able to change from warm to cold in a Hue white ambiance bulb? Did I do something wrong?

Can someone explain also why the tradfri remote Control can’t adjust anymore color temperature of the Ikea Gunnarp lamp after both are added to the hue bridge while the hue dimmer switch it does?
Thanx in advance