Trouble connecting trådfri repeater to Hue bridge

I am trying to connect Ikea trådfri repeater to my Hue system but it fails. Cant find it in Hue essentials app using touchlink.

Any help out there?

The Trådfri signal repeater will not be visible when connected to a Hue bridge. Please take a look at the following: How to connect IKEA TRÅDFRI signal repeater to a Philips Hue bridge?

But in hue essentials with touhlink it does not find anything. It says no lights found.

Is it still connected?

How do I know if its connected to the network?

It is correct that Hue Essentials does not show that any lights were found. As the device is unsupported, it is not visible to Hue Essentials. See the linked reddit post for more details on how to see it is connected properly:ådfri_range_extender_with/