Triangle symbol for outdoor lamp

Hey All,

I have one of those outdoor lamps. It works nice so far but if I start a scene where the lights turning the outdoor lamp turns off.

In the switch I have a triangle symbol, I don’t know what it means.

Can anybody explain please.


I also have the same, it means unknown device. So basically the app does not recognise the Outdoor light model, which in this case is the “Discover Outdoor Floodlight”, “White and colour ambience”.
I did drop an email to support a couple days ago but not had any reply unfortunately.


Hi, this symbol means that the light is unknown (question mark icon). I need to add them to Hue Essentials. The light will still work, only the icon is wrong. Lots of lights are being reported by users but I will add them as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting!

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These lights will be added in the next update (Android 1.12.0 and iOS 1.6.0). Should be available within a few days.

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