Tradfri smart plug with Hue

Hi, trying to add ikea smart plug to Hue bridge but no succes. First step was reset of the smart plug. Then with Hue essentials using Touchlink tried to add the plug. There is LED activity but nothing found. Adding a Tradfri lamp via this procedure was done within 60 seconds. Any detailed suggestions?
Cheers Ruud

Try and follow up on the steps in our video on YouTube channel Hue Essentials.
“How to pair IKEA TRÅDFRI Control Outlet to Philips Hue Bridge“

Make sure you wait awhile after the reset and make sure that the software version is correct. See details in video.

Having a smart plug, approx 1 year old, without ikea gateway…
Just got the premium upgrade in the app, but cannot find the plug. Tried several times…
What to do?