Tradfri Control Outlet in Home app

Hi Team,

Maybe I need to search a little bit harder for my answer, however I did use the integrated search functionality without any usable results.

Philips Hue Bridge v2;
Ikea Tradfri Control Outlet.

Hue Essentials;
Philips Hue app;
Apple Home app.

I’ve did a full reset on the Ikea Tradri Control Outlet.
As instructed paired to the Philips Hue application, with help of the (paid) Hue Essentials app.

Full control of the Ikea Tradri Control Outlet, which means on/off inside the Philips Hue app.

I would like to see the Ikea Tradri Control Outlet in the Apple Home App (see picture)

Could you please explain how to achieve this, or do I need a physical device for this i.e. Ikea Hub?

Kind regards,

Nobody, or did I asked the question incorrectly?

Hello, third party devices connected to a Philips Hue bridge are not visible in the Apple Home app. You would need to connect your Tradfri Control Outlet to an IKEA gateway if you would like to control it from the Home app. There is not much we can do to improve this.

Hi Thomas,

Understood, I will purchase an Ikea gateway to obtain the desired functionality.