Toggle sensor automation appearing as unknown after saving

Good day,
today I installed the windows version and purchased the automation module etc…

I met with a problem,

-when I choose to switch a sensor in an automation
(doesn’t matter which sensor or what kind of automation event)
this automation is not saved.
What could go wrong here?

I assume the android app is not yet in sync with the windows app.
What do you recommend:
still use the android app now or the windows app?
Thanks in advance for your response.

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Did you press the Save button at the top after adding your actions? I will make this more clear in one of the next updates as I think that it could be confusing at the moment.

Correct, the Android app had some delays because of long approval times by Google. The update is now available for all users so the automations in the Android app are in sync again with the Windows version. Please open the Google Play Store, search for Hue Essentials, and update the app to the latest version.

Automations for your sensors and switches will sync between devices as they are saved on the Hue bridge.

Thanks for the response. However I always save the automation. But each time after saving the action indicates: ?UNKNOWN (?onbekend) when it involves switching a sensor.
This happens both in the android and windows version. So probably still a bug somewhere.

Thanks for the screenshot. That does seem like a bug. Would it be possible for you to send a screenshot of the automation (when all is still fine) before you save it?

Never mind, I was already able to reproduce the issue here with the toggle sensor action. I am currently fixing it. Thanks for the bug report!

You are welcome, no thanks. I glad you react so quickly.

Could you please try creating another automation with the same toggle sensor action, but instead of a Time (Tijd) event use a Daylight event for sunrise? Does that automation still appear as unknown? Or does it only happen when you use the Time event?

When i use sunrise then even saving does not work…

Can you please share a screenshot of the automation that you are unable to save?

Here it is.

Thanks, appreciate it. This is something I definitely need to improve, but what you need to do to resolve this, is tap the Sensor schakelen action, and then select “Motion” in the second dropdown. Then you can save it.

I suspect that this automation will save without issues / unknown actions. It would be great if you could let me know whether that is indeed the case.

I think I already know what is going on with your other automation issue, which I am currently fixing and testing. It has to do with the Time (Tijd) event which is causing it to appear as unknown.

Saving after your suggestion does not work either.

I’m having this issue too need it fixed so I can stop my sensors getting set off when I leave home