Timer with fade - Best practice?


I would like to create an automation for only a single light, to turn on with a certain colour and brightness, and then fade to another colour + brightness before turning itself off completely.

I have managed to create this behaviour in two different ways:

1st version:

  1. Set light brightness - Set fixed brightness - Switch on
  2. Set light color - Color - Yellow
  3. Set light color - Color - Orange/Red - Fade time 30:00
  4. Set light brightness - Decrease brightness - Decrease brightness by 100% - Fade time 30:00
  5. Wait 1800 seconds
  6. Toggle light

2nd version:

  1. Activate scene “Timer start”
  2. Activate scene “Timer end” - Fade time 30:00
  3. Wait 1800 seconds
  4. Toggle light

The first one seems to me a bit complex, whilst the second one requires two specific scenes for this scenario only, which doesn’t feel optimal.

Is there any best practice/recommended way to achieve this behaviour?

Thanks in advance!