Time Based Automation Question

My wife works Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 7.30 am and 6 pm. During these times, I need my landing light to turn off after at least 20 mins of inactivity as she doesn’t move much when she’s at her desk. The rest of the time, I want it to turn off after only 1 minute. I’ve got this working but with 4 automations covering (1) the entirety of the 3 days she doesn’t work (2) early am on working days (3) working hours on working days and (4) the evening on working days. Is this the most efficient set up or can this be done with fewer automations? For example, is there any way to have a “not during these days / time periods” condition to cover all of the non-working hours in one go, despite all the odd days and times involved there? Thanks.