The new widget styles are a step backwards

Would it be possible to get transparent backgrounds back on the widgets? The new versions are quite ugly, especially when you have a lot of widgets.

Also, it would be really really nice to turn off the “Hue Essentials” string on the widgets — I really don’t need to see it on my screen 22 different times, and it makes long light titles unreadable.

Finally, it would be nice to be able to get the old power icons back for one-action toggle widgets, or just have only the name, even — showing the hue icon is fine as an option, but kind of distracting.

Also, if you’ve got an older android device that doesn’t let you pick the dynamic color set, what you get is random and really ugly. Allowing a user color override would be kind of critical for making the app still viable for these devices.

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Totally agree… left the beta instantly after getting the ugly new widgets… before widgets looked just elegant …

beta widgets: just ugly.

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The new widgets are a massive step backwards. Please can you tell me how I can get my previous widgets back?

Thank you for the feedback. The new widgets follow your system colours by default. The next beta update will add a setting in the app to change the background back to transparent.

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Then you! It seems like the system color function is broken on older android devices that predate that API.

Version 2.3.7 for Android is now available with a new setting in the app to change the background back to transparent. The setting is available in Hue Essentials, settings, look & feel, widgets transparent background. Please let me know if you have any feedback.

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I just updated the app and now have the new style widgets - the new design is horrible.

I have a couple of rows of 1x1 widgets - these used to show the actual colour of the scene being invoked. Now we just get a basic white icon and its name, which is not an improvement.

Please add an option to colour the background of the 1x1 icons based on the light colour.

Already working on it, will be available in the next release 2.3.8.


Just got the update - the 1x1 widgets are now coloured again, thanks.
Some manually created light coloured scenes have white text - which is now unreadable. You probably need to use black text past some lightness value.


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Version 2.3.8 is now available. With this update when you add only a single “Activate scene” action on a widget, the scene image will be shown. Any other actions will cause the widget to not show the scene image but the icon you set. It is still possible to customize the icon if you prefer that instead.

I see, thanks for the feedback. Will fix this for custom scenes. By the way, you can customize the icon for the off widget if you want. In the name field just tap the icon on the left.