Tasker plugin automation actions do not work in Macrodroid app

Tasker plugin automation actions don’t work correctly in the Macrodroid app.

Device: Google Pixel 7
Hue Essentials app version: 2.1.2
MacroDroid app version: 5.31.7

For example, from the Macrodroid action configuration, selecting the “Activate scene” action and selecting a room/group and a scene, and then testing the action, does not have any result. The equivalent configuration in the Tasker app works as expected.

I have also tried the “Toggle”, “Switch on”, and “Start automation” actions, and none of those seem to work either.

Help in getting this working would be appreciated.


I have the exact same issue.
Automation works fine from Hue Essentials but doesn’t work at all from Macrodroid or even Tasker.

Have you found a solution?

Just bought the premium licence to be able to automate a smart plug but I might just ask for a refund seeing you had no response from the dev @Thomas

Device : OnePlus 11 5G
Android : Oxygen OS 13.1 (Android 13)
Hue Essentials : 2.2.0
MacroDroid : 5.36.8

Hi, the solution is to disable battery optimizations for Hue Essentials. This is needed when triggering automations from Macrodroid. The app should show an error notification about this which I will look into why that is not happening.

Battery optimization must be disabled when using Macrodroid because otherwise things like network access could be blocked in Hue Essentials. You can do this in your phone settings

Please let me know whether this resolves the issue for you.

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Disabling battery optimizations for the Hue Essentials app in the Android app settings seemed to fix the problem for me! My automations involving Hue Essentials seem to work now. Thank you so much for sharing the solution!

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Great to hear! Thanks for letting me know.