Tap Dial buttons stopped working - software update?

This morning I went into my office and hit the Tap Dial button to turn on the lights and nothing happened. I turned the lights on with the iPhone app and they popped right on.

Pressing the 4 buttons for presets registers in the app as a button press, but the scene doesn’t change. Strangely, the dimmer dial on the Tap Dial works fine.

I reset the Bridge (power off/on.) I then factory reset the Tap Dial and reconfigured it, and the behavior is the same - the button presses register in the app (the accessory view that shows button 1 press, button 2 press, etc), the battery is good, but the Bridge just isn’t sending commands to the lights, even though the iPhone app works for the same scenes and the dimmer on the Tap Dial is working.

What else can I try? It’s weird to me that this would suddenly break like this, and in such a peculiar way. I have auto updates on so I think it’s possibly the latest software update.


Software Versions

Bridge: 1.65.1965053020
Strips: 100b-118
Hue Play: 100b-11d