Sync on Android : HDMI signal + Hue play gradient

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using the android app, on a Nvidia Shield, and it works great.
The main reason I’m using it is for the sync feature.

I recently bought (waiting for delivery) a TV with Google OS.
I’m planning to install the app on this device and was wondering if the sync would work on the HDMI, regardless what they are : Playstation, Nvidia Shield (using Netflix?)…

Also, I am considering buying a Philips Hue Play Gradient and was wondering how well it was working with the app.

Thanks for your help, :slight_smile:

The sync feature on Android TV is unable to see input from HDMI devices as that is outside of the Android TV system. So unfortunately no solution for that in Hue Essentials.

The Philips Hue Play Gradient lightstrip works great with Hue Essentials and is fully supported with the Sync feature.

See also: Sync (Entertainment) on your phone or Android TV

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Thanks you for your answer! Really appreciate it.
I think I’m gonna skip on the hue gradient for now then.