Sync hue spotlights to daylight

I’m looking for a way to sync 3 hue ambience spotlights with the outdoor lighting conditions. The resons is that the lights are in the 2nd floor landing and is quite dark and lacks natural light. I’d like to sync the lights so that they have similar brightness and colour as the outdoor conditions. Sort of like the sunset to sunrise formula but in reverse!

Anyone has ever done this?


Not the same but similar.

In my case, I attached scenes to the light level of the motion sensor. So for various levels I enabled a scene.
In your case it might even be easier as you dont create scenes but use “group brightness” and you set a level.
Note: for this solution you still need to break down the light level into segments “> lower limit” and “< upper limit”, and have for each segment a rule. It is a little bit work to find out these limit values.

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