Swapping bulbs between 2 houses

So we bought a new house, and in my old one I had a bridge, some bulbs, light strips and a Hue wireless dimmer switch.
I bought another bridge for our new place, and am leaving the existing bridge there.
I brought my light strips to my new place though, and got them to work with my new bridge a few months back.
Now I decided that I want to swap the hue white bulb I have at my new place with one of the color ones from my old place. I brought it here, and am wondering how to

  1. delete my white bulb from my app here and
  2. add the color one to my bridge so it can join my lightstrips in my room.

Instructions? (I no longer have the boxes the bulbs came in with barcodes or qr codes. I run the app on my iPhone13, and since a few moments ago on my Win11 laptop.

I believe you can follow the steps mentioned here:


Thank you for that Fernando. I succeeded in adding the bulb to my new place by adding it by serial number which I could see on the bulb itself. I will consult the article you refer to, and should be able to delete the bulb from my old bridge and add the white one there.