Strange behaviour of motion sensors with automated activity switching


I have created automations for 6 motion sensors to deactivate or reactivate them with dimmer switches (hold Hue button). The changes from active to inactive and back work and are shown immediately in the Hue App, but never in the „Hue Essentials“ App. If I change the status manually in the Hue App, the change is also shown in the „Hue Essentials“ App.

This is the behaviour when the sensors were originally set as active with the Hue App. If I switch the sensors to inactive in the Hue app, changes caused with the automations are shown in the „Hue Essentials“ app, but not in the Hue app and they also show no effect.

The automation actions are respectively “Toggle sensor”/-sensor-/“Motion”/“Turn on/off”.

I think this is a bug.

Bridge: BSB002
Motion detector: SML003

Translated from Geman to English with DeepL.

PS: The control type is “Hold”/“First key press”.
The setting of the inactivity switch underneath has no effect that I can see.


the Homebridge plugin “Homebridge Hue” shows the same behaviour. I therefore assume that the Hue app additionally does things that are not accessible via API. So the switch in the Hue app seems to act like a parent main switch, only showing “on” when all child switches are also on.