START ENTERTAINMENT Group id for LIFX lightstrip

How I can find GROUP_ID for Entertainment area which under LIFX brdige. I found BRIDGE_ID for LIFX, but cannot figure out where I can get GROUP_ID.

I setup entertainment area (only one) for LIFX and configured entertainment to use “Entertainment Area 1”. On the screen to start entertainment area is selected. When I issue ADB command, area is getting unselected, and button “SELECT ENTERTAINMENT AREA” again asking to select area. Looks like I provide wrong GROUP_ID, but I can not figure out where I could get correct one.

Could you output GROUP_ID in logcat when I click the button “START”, so at least I can find it in the logcat.

Thank you.

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Hey @Thomas,

I read on a different thread that this would be implemented in the app in the future, is there any update or workaround to get it already? My usecase for using intents over the tasker plugin is automation via Home Assistant. :slight_smile:

Kind regards

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Thanks for the feedback! Will add this in the next update (1.29.0 on Android), forgot to add it earlier.

Once you have the update, go to an entertainment program (like Sync), and tap the button to select entertainment areas. There you will see a list of groups. Then tap the three dots of a group, where you will see a Details button. Tap it and there is the identifier of the group. The identifier could be a bit long, but you can long press it to copy it to clipboard.

The identifier of a bridge can be found by going to the Devices tab, select your bridge, and tap Details.

I expect the update to be available within a few weeks. Unfortunately there is no workaround to get the identifier without this update.

The update has now been rolled out to all users.