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Sonoff ZBMINI-L works without neutral and with HUE Bridge

I’ve been testing the new Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 smart light control module without a neutral wire on my home automation blog.

The module is functional under Philips HUE Bridge however I would ask for more support in displaying it in the HUE Essentials App, because it shows up as an unknown device with an alert even though it is functional without any problems.

I would add one more major problem in the Hue Essentials app

If a Sonoff ZBMINI-L module is added to a room, it can be controlled by its own control.

However, if I turn On/Off the entire room, the module does not respond. :anguished:.

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I share both experiences with Hue Essentials but also in the regular Hue app.
My experience of this ZBMINI-L is bad (no neutral). Not sure if the Xiaomi Aqara Single Switch Module T1 (no neutral) is better.

Problems found:

  1. ZBMINI-L added to a room / zone does not work (you cannot turn on/off the light by the room / zone control). Only by specifying the light itself.
  2. ZBMINI-L state is not reflected properly in the HUE / Hue Essentials app. If you have turned on a light by a physical switch, the state in Hue / Hue Essentials will not update (staying in the same state).
  3. ZBMINI-L hotel switch circuit over longer distances (2 longer wires) will not respond to the physical switches anymore, making the device useless.

Not sure if the issues 1. or 2. will be fixed with a firmware update of the Hue Bridge. But this is a problem, which I don’t have with the regular ZBMINI switches (with neutral).

Quite a bad product I.M.H.O.

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I’m also having problem #2 - the state is not updated when the physical switch is used.

Yes, I registered this problem too, this module is not usable with HUE Bridge, I removed it.

SONOFF has already informed me that this module is not compatible with HUE Bridge :anguished:

Bummer! Did you try/We’re you able to find a zigbee hub that did work properly with this device?