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Some lights may take longer to turn on, when using a manual switch


I’ve been having a problem for a while, and I was hoping I could troubleshoot it. This is a consistent issue I have, for half of my lights (all the same):

Whenever I turn off one of my Hue lights through software (either Hue app or Homekit), if I then press my light switch off, then back on - they won’t come back ON. This is contrary to how my other half of the Hue lights, where if I quickly flick the light switch OFF and then back ON, my Hue light will happily come back ON.

If I want to use the manual switch to turn ON these lights, I have to turn the switch to the OFF position - wait 4~5 seconds (consistent), and then when I turn it back ON, the lights now turn ON.

I was thinking it could be my bridge and I needed to move, extend or change frequency.

  • I’ve already tried moving one of these lights right next to it (a standing lamp I have), and it still took the 5 seconds.
  • I’ve also tried changing frequencies but nothing changes.

I suppose my next steps are either moving the bridge itself and maybe even switching the lamps across the house.

Regardless, maybe this is a known issue, configuration, or any other hints on how to troubleshoot this, would be much appreciated. Cheers!

edit: Just to add that all lights are extremely responsive. If I click a colour, turn ON/OFF in any app (Hue or HomeKit), etc. all of them immediately respond. It’s only this weird behaviour I’m seeing with the manual switches.