Smart plug with energy monitoring in hue

I’m trying to find a smart plug with energy monitoring that I can control through the hue app. I thought I’d cracked it with the smartthings plug but it then turned out that I need a smartthings hub and since I already have the hue bridge this doesn’t make sense. I can find plugs that connect to hue, I can find plugs that do energy monitoring but really struggling to find one that does both. Any ideas please?
Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately this is not possible with only the Hue bridge. You would need another type of hub / smart plug to see energy usage. If you still want to control the plug using Hue Essentials, you could look into deCONZ (Phoscon). It is a bit technical but it allows you to connect all sorts of Zigbee devices including plugs that measure energy usage. For example the Aqara plug supports energy metering.

Many thanks Thomas. I guess I’ll have to go with a standalone energy monitor and continue with the smart plug as they are. Appreciate your help.