Smart Button - Toggle

I have a “Lightify Plug / On/off plug-in unit” from OSRAM.

Is it possible with A simple Touch to Toggle this device?

Push 1: on
Push 2: off
Push 3: on

Dont push and hold :slight_smile:


Yes, that is possible. First create a new zone/group with your plug. Then use the smart control wizard to set up a toggle on the Press event. See for more information: Toggle on/off depending on lamp state

Für deutsche:
Wizard > Ausgewählte Taste > Gruppe ein/ ausschalten
Danach die Gruppe (Raum, Zone) wählen in die der Stromstecker ist. Fertig

Edit: it doesnt work.
If i push the Button, Group Go on and A second later automaticly off

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From the screenshot I can see that you set it up correctly. Could it be that you have one of the other events tabs configured to do something as well? Could you do a Reset using the wizard and then set up the toggle again?

Since i delete the hole button in the bridge and reconfigurate them in your App it works fine.


Now i Just need the function to deactivate the motion sensor, See the other Post :wink: :wink: :wink:

Great to hear it is working now.

Yes, I am aware of your other post. There are a lot of feature requests so I will need to see what I can do.