Smart Button standard feature

I have many smart buttons and I like the standard setting that comes with it; that is turn on different lights settings according to time of the day, and change light setting when I press the button within 3 seconds after first press. With Hue Essentials App, it reported “Your Smart Control has an unsupported configuration. Please reset and choose your preferred actions.” Will the standard setting be erased if I click “Reset selected button”? How do I keep that feature when using Hue Essential App?

Hello, thanks for the feedback. If you tap Reset selected button then it will reset the actions of the Hue app. Then you can configure it again in Hue Essentials. Hue Essentials allows for using multiple scenes when pressing multiple times. However, what you describe how the Hue app configures the button, is not supported in Hue Essentials. It is on the wish list for future development.